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Holistic Rehab Treatment

Holism is defined as the sum of all health elements for any given person.

Holistic rehab treatment focuses on mind, body and soul. Unlike traditional therapies, this treatment is characterized by making sure that all functioning parts of the human body are working together to enhance individual’s daily lives. It may sound confusing but it is highly effective when paired with traditional therapies.

What Exactly is Holistic Health?

One medical expert said that holism is a theory based upon the fact that a system cannot be explained by their individual parts; we must look at it as a whole. Take for instance, an airplane. If we were to explain how an airplane works by just looking at the wings and the engine on the ground next to the body of the plane, we would have no idea how the plane works; however, put the wings on and the engine in and it makes total sense. In order to understand, we need to see the subject as whole rather than pieces. Therefore, holism in simpler terms is understanding individuals as a whole rather than just based upon their ailment.

Holistic therapies are designed to put everything in its place and make sure we are functioning at our highest capability. When our mind, body and soul are balanced, we are balanced. When our minds are not clear, we will not be able to function at our physical peak. When we are not connecting with our higher power, we feel lonely and cause our mental health to decline, which causes our physical health to decline.

An example of the balance between mind, body and soul would be a person diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. The disease will decrease oxygen flow, causing poor oxygen flow that impairs cognitive performance; thus resulting in a negative impact on decision-making and problem-solving skills. Over time, the disease will affect how you interact with people, putting a strain on your relationships. As the condition continues, it has the ability to cause the individual to question their relationship with God.

This example shows the connection between the mind, body and soul, which is the basis of holism.

How Holistic Health Can Help

Holistic health includes the basics of physical and mental health, as well as social harmony, spiritual enlightenment and emotional balance. The goal of holistic health is to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit. We cannot live a healthy lifestyle if our moving parts, like that of a plane, are not working together in synch or properly.

Holistic rehab allows patients to see the overall view of their drug addiction. It helps establish a connection between addiction, substance abuse and addiction triggers in order to develop a long-term recovery plan. The goal is to take physical and social health, mental and spiritual wellness and emotional stability into account.

Sprout Health Texas offers 10 holistic rehabilitation treatments, which are:

  • Acupuncture: Needles are placed on pressure points to provide a tranquil and relaxed state for our patients. We find that this treatment is one of the best ways to manage physical pain.
  • Nutritional therapy: During the detoxification process, we provide vitamins and mineral which are administered orally or intravenously. They help aid in the chemical, enzymatic and physiological processes of the body. They also repair cells and regenerate tissues.
  • Exercise: Exercise increases the blood and oxygen flow as well as releases the body’s natural pleasure receptor, dopamine. Dopamine improves emotional health, while exercise itself increase self-esteem.
  • Massage therapy: We use essential oil and aromatics to soothe and relax the body. Massage also releases the tension build up from stress and anxiety.
  • Spiritual counseling: Our spiritual counselors help patients establish a more fulfilling life by providing an understand and new meaning to all of the events that occurred during their lifetime.
  • Yoga: Stretching and breathing exercises help lower blood pressure and clear the mind as well as promote spiritual, mental and physical health.
  • Meditation: This training is all about focus and gaining control over the mind. It improves concentration and helps manage mild pain.
  • Art therapy: People who struggle with words often find it therapeutic to express their feelings through art. Clinicians are able to gain insight into a patient’s thoughts by evaluating the use of colors, symbols and shapes.
  • Music therapy: Like art therapy, sometimes it is hard to express words. Depending on what type of instrument is used and how it is played, Clinicians are, again, able to gain insight into a patient’s thoughts and emotions.
  • Tai-Chi: This is basically yoga with more fluid movements. Patients learn a combination of breathing and moving gracefully. It is effective in reducing anxiety and stress.

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