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Our goal is to provide support and guidance to those who are seeking help.

Evidence-Based and Effective Treatment Programs

The hardest step in the recovery process is recognizing addiction and seeking the help to treat it. Sprout Health Texas understands the strength and courage it takes to make the step as well as the anxiety and apprehension that must be felt during this moment.

Our staff is skillfully trained in the substance abuse rehabilitation field and the programs we provide are evidence-based and highly effective. We continually seek the best treatment curriculum and offer a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, both traditional and holistic. We believe that by combining different therapies, the chance at a successful recovery is significantly increased.

Sprout Health Texas offers a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, such as the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Brain Wellness Program and experiential therapies. We highly recommend patients to attend group therapy as well as family therapy, if they choose to involve their families. We believe that group and family therapy will help create a large support network which is essential for recovery outside of our treatment facility.

Treating Dual Diagnosis in Texas

Studies show that most people suffering from addiction are also suffering from underlying mental health issues. Addiction alone is hard to beat; add a mental health disorder and it is almost impossible to overcome. Sprout Health Texas has the tools and knowledge to diagnose co-occurring conditions. This process is called dual diagnosis and it is an extremely vital element in determining which treatment programs are right for our patients. When treating a patient with co-occurring conditions, we believe that our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective way to teach coping mechanisms. CBT is also an important tool for our patients to acknowledge their maladaptive behaviors and learn ways to combat them. During this process, our patients will work closely with board-certified psychiatrists, behavior specialists and psychologists.

Individualized Treatment for Substance Addicts

tx_treatment_programsWhile substances, such as alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription drugs have varying effects on the brain’s chemical responses as well as cognitive functioning, the treatment processes for curing addiction are basically the same. Sprout Health Texas has found that combining detoxification, multiple therapies and continual care can significantly treat addiction and help maintain a long lasting sobriety.

Our treatment programs begin with a thorough mental and physical assessment. This assessment will help determine all conditions, including underlying mental health issues that a patient might not have ever found if they did not receive treatment. Once our skilled staff has assessed our patients, they craft a highly individualized treatment plan that caters to each of their unique needs. No two people are the same; therefore their treatment plan, detoxification process, therapy sessions and aftercare will vary.

The next step in our treatment programs is detoxification (detox), which is the safe removal of the substance from the body. Depending on the severity of the addiction, this process will either take place in a hospital setting or in our facility. We will closely monitor each patient in order to assess their progress and adjust their program plans accordingly.

What To Expect During the Detox Process

The detoxification process is the hardest step in our treatment programs; it requires patients to undergo a significant physical and mental change in their bodies. It is the only way to safely remove all addictive substances.

During this process, patients will experience withdrawal symptoms which can be uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable. We closely monitor each patient and if need be, provide medication that helps ease the pain.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, detox will either take place in a hospital setting or in our facility. Either way, Sprout Health Texas employees will be there to support and guide each patient through the difficult process.

Inpatient Treatment in Texas

Inpatient treatment is designed to offer patients a comfortable and supportive environment in order to receive the help they need. This treatment can take place in locations such as:

  • Hospital: This is recommended for patients who are experiencing extreme addiction and need constant supervision from board-certified medical professionals.
  • Residential Facility: These facilities do not offer round-the-clock supervision; however, their staff provides care and access to hospital services if needed.
  • Luxury Treatment Facility: These resort like facilities offer a plush and comfortable environment that provide benefits for those who need to maintain their work responsibilities.

Outpatient Treatment Around Texas

Outpatient treatment offers similar care as inpatient; however, the difference is that patients have the freedom to return home after they receive their treatment. They are required to attend sessions on certain days for a certain amount of hours which are scheduled around their personal responsibilities.

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