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Therapeutic Solutions

Sprout Health Texas offers a wide variety of therapeutic solutions for substance addiction and mental health disorders.

All of our therapies are based on retraining the brain to react differently to certain situations. Our behaviors affect the outcome of any situation and it is important to learn coping mechanisms that will positively affect those outcomes. Through our effective therapies, we can undoubtedly alter brain chemistry in order to develop positive reactions and behaviors. Therapeutic modalities we offer include:

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

One of the most popular therapies for mental health disorders is the Solution Focused Brief Therapy. This therapy prompts patients to focus on their solutions rather than their problems. Most times, patients need a tiny push from our therapists to create solutions on their own; however, there are many who figure it out instantly. It just takes concentration and a safe and tranquil environment. Our board-certified therapists and psychologists are able to provide thinking tools that can help our patients immediately identify their positive progress and how to keep moving forward.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy

This therapy relies heavily on family inclusion. We are able to recognize the dynamic between our patients and their families. It is widely known that family life may contribute to addictive behaviors; therefore, it is extremely important to get a better understanding of our patient’s family life and health history.

We are also able to help mend broken relationships through our therapeutic processes. We teach patients how their addiction affects not just them but their family and loved ones as well. We also teach their families how to support them through this difficult time. We help find a balance between our patients and their families.
Including a patient’s family in the recovery process is incredibly important. The family is the most influential factor in the patient’s life. They can help provide more insight into the patient than what information we receive during the assessment. Another reason family interaction is important is because families are affected by addiction just as much as the addict himself. There are a lot of emotions at stake, including rifts between family members because of being at their wit’s end in dealing with substance abuse. Just as much as it is hard for addicts to endure the recovery process, the family will also be experiencing difficulty through it all. Through family and group therapy, we can help the patients and their families understand the causes of addiction, how to approach the situation and communicate effectively. Everyone can progress together and the healing can begin.

EDMR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EDMR) is highly effective for those who suffer from trauma disorders. According to the EMDR International Association, “The goal of EMDR therapy is to process completely the experiences that are causing problems, and to include new ones that are needed for full health. […] That means that what is useful to you from an experience will be learned, and stored with appropriate emotions in your brain, and be able to guide you in positive ways in the future. The inappropriate emotions, beliefs, and body sensations will be discarded. Negative emotions, feelings and behaviors are generally caused by unresolved earlier experiences that are pushing you in the wrong directions. The goal of EDMR therapy is to leave you with the emotions, understanding and perspectives that will lead to healthy and useful behaviors and interactions”.

Sprout Health Texas assigns a clinician to each of our patients in order to closely monitor their progress. We want our patients to work at their own pace in order to remain as comfortable as possible. We pride ourselves on our open and honest one-on-one communication with our clients.


Psychoeducation helps patients learn practical and positive emotional and behavioral skills in order to manage their emotions and self-awareness as well as improve their lives. Most facilities will use therapy handouts, worksheets, individual and group therapy activities as well as visualizations. These tools will help patients learn how to effectively manage their lives.

We highly recommend psychoeducation in a group setting in order to stir conversation among patients. We want each patient to understand another; they may gain insight into their own addiction as well as valuable advice as to how to manage their sobriety during and after treatment.

Mindfulness Treatments

Mindfulness treatments are based on Cognitive Behavioral therapies. These treatments are designed to help patients understand what their condition is in order to acknowledge their maladaptive behaviors. Once these behaviors are identified, patients can work on new skills that will help them combat those behaviors.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One of Sprout Health Texas’ most effective therapies is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This therapy focuses on undoing years of damage brought on by negative interactions as well as reshaping the brain with new coping mechanisms. We teach our patients to recognize their maladaptive behaviors in order to learn new ways to react to certain situations. We want our patients to experience positive emotions and a sense of accomplishment. All of our therapies are designed for our patients to gain a positive reflection of themselves as well as an increased self-confidence.

The Effects of Nutrition

Substance addicts tend to lose their appetite; therefore, depleting the necessary nutrients for mental and physical health. Their bodies begin to deteriorate from the inside out. Sprout Health Texas offers nutritional support from board-certified nutritionists who will plan daily meals in order to supplement your treatment. The nutritional support usually happens during the detoxification process depending on the severity of the addiction. Some nutrients can be administered orally, while others may need to be intravenous.

Sprout Health Texas offers many different therapeutic modalities because we understand that no two patients are the same; therefore, we provide as much help as we can by combining multiple therapies during the treatments. We even offer help beyond our facility walls. We have developed a continuum of caring that gives our clients the best chances of a successful recovery as well as the opportunity to live a healthy life with decreased risk of relapse.

Sprout Health Texas will be by your side the entire time, even after treatment. Patients will have the opportunity to join support groups that can be useful after treatment when recovering patients want to have a social, as well as sober, life.

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