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Experiential Therapies

Sprout Health Texas also offers experimental therapies that can help increase a patient’s lifespan and quality of life.

Experiential therapies are characterized as forms of therapy that encourage patients to acknowledge their issues through a range of activities, such as yoga, equine therapy and outdoor therapy. These therapies focus on enhancing our patient’s quality of life as well as increasing lifespans. We teach our patients to center themselves in a calming atmosphere in order to discover the issues that lie deep within their subconscious.

Programs We Provide

In order to reconnect with their subconscious, our patients will need a calm environment to focus all of their energy on their psyche. This is the biggest goal that we want to achieve during the experiential therapy process.  Experiential therapies are highly effective for patients to acknowledge their suppressed emotions.

Promoting calmness is important for patients to learn while in treatment in order to solve their life problems in a practical manner outside of treatment. Experiential therapies teach patients to understand their emotions and subconscious problems as well as how to correctly respond to an emotional trigger.

The experiential therapies that we offer include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is the most effective therapy that Sprout Health Texas offers. The goal of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is to help our patients identify their problems and create their own solutions. They will learn how to develop positive thought processes in order to produce positive behaviors and results. We strongly believe that patients have the ability to replace their thoughts of low self-esteem with positive thoughts simply by focusing on their psyche in a calm environment. They may reach levels of their psyche that they did not even realize they had. Our hope is that positive thinking will become a habit which produces positive behavioral results.

Family Therapy

We highly recommend including families in the rehabilitation process. Although our assessments are thorough, we believe that we can gain further insight into our patient’s health history and family life when their families are involved. Not only is it important to teach the families how to support a loved one through the difficult rehabilitation process but we can also teach them the signs and symptoms of addiction. It is our hope that they share this information with other who seem to be struggling or who know someone who is struggling. We believe that education is one of the most powerful tools in the process of our treatment programs.

Through family therapy, we aim to educate as well as repair any damaged relationships. Being an addict does not only affect the addict but the family as well. Most family members are at their wits end with our patients when they finally choose to receive help and it is important to us and our patients to repair those rifts. When our patients leave the recovery center, it is extremely important to have a support network in order to maintain their recovery. The opportunity for relapse is increased 100 percent one they leave our facility; therefore, it is highly recommended to involve families during the treatment in order to know how to support their loved one once they leave our facility.

Outdoor Therapy

Sprout Health Texas offers a multitude of outdoor therapies, such as rock climbing, white water activities, hiking and backpacking. We believe that any therapy which involves nature significantly increases the risk of a successful recovery. We will also include group therapy sessions outside for our patients to experience teamwork, what it means to take responsibility for their actions and to learn how their actions will impact others. The outdoor therapies are designed for our patients to develop and utilize skills that can help in difficult situations. We want to teach our patients how to handle themselves in all types of situations because we never know that they will be faced with outside of our treatment facility.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is widely known as a fitness program that enhances flexibility; however, it also a useful tool to learn how to breathe, relax and concentrate. It promotes balance and harmony while also restoring mental, spiritual, physical, social and emotional health. Yoga will bring our patient’s mind and bodies into top physical shape.

Meditation is also a great tool for relaxation and concentration. It can be as simple as breathing in and out while sitting quietly in a beautiful setting. Meditating 10 minutes a day can significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

All of our therapies are designed to teach our patients how to take charge of their behaviors, thoughts and actions. They are also meant to build self-esteem and a large network of support. Our therapies are all evidence-based and have significantly increased the chance at a successful recovery.


Neurofeedback is one of our most scientific therapies. Our medical staff can measure brain waves to distinguish thought patterns. Based upon the results, we can develop treatment plans that have the potential to change those thought patterns and create positive ones. Neurofeedback can also locate neural dysregulations which have the potential to cause mental health disorders. All brain functions, with the correct treatment, are capable of being retrained.

Group Therapy

As mentioned before, group therapy is important for our patients to learn how their actions affect others and vice versa. Group therapy is extremely vital for recovering patients to meet others who are going through similar experiences. During these sessions, patients have the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and advice about their addiction. They may develop long-lasting friendships that will support them through the recovery process at the facility as well as when they return home. It is extremely important to have a support group outside of the facility because the recovery process is an ongoing battle that can only be fought with willpower and guidance.

Equine Therapy

Sprout Health Texas offers a rather unique therapy that has shown significant progress in patient’s recovery. Our patients have the opportunity to handle horses where they will learn to groom, feed and lead them. Our therapists believe that the interaction with the horses allows our patients to learn how to take care of something other than themselves, which helps boost their self-esteem.

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