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Assessment is the key factor in all of Sprout’s addiction treatment programs.

Comprehensive analysis of each individual provides our professionally trained drug addiction recovery specialists with the information needed to create individualized treatment plans.

Our assessments may seem a bit overwhelming; however, they are extremely necessary in order for our staff to gather as much information about you as we can. Because our plans are highly individualized, it is important to learn about your family and health history as well as your mental and physical state. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to increase your chance at a successful and long lasting recovery.

Patients will undergo a self-assessment, medical evaluation, cognitive and pharmacogenetic, toxicology and physical evaluations. Patients must provide their health history before a doctor inspects their body from head to toe to treat any wounds or bruises. Their thought process will be evaluated to assure the most suitable types of treatment. The toxicology test will determine whether or not toxins are present in the patient’s body which may help predetermine how badly withdrawal symptoms will affect the body during detoxification.

Once the assessments are completed, our skilled clinicians begin crafting the highly individualized treatment plans. Throughout treatment, patients will be closely monitored and plans will continuously be reassessed in order to keep up with their progress. Sprout Health Arizona wants to reassure each patient is receiving the right treatments and that all of their symptoms are being addressed. Our assessments include:

Medical Evaluation

The medical evaluation allows for our substance abuse rehabilitation clinicians to identify each problem as well as which solutions will work to solve them. It will also help determine which detoxification process our patients will have to endure. Depending on the severity of the addiction, detox may have to take place in a hospital under the constant supervision of medical professionals.

No two people are alike; therefore, patients must undergo an extensive medical evaluation in order for our staff to develop the most effective plan for each patient.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Our board-certified therapists and psychologists will ask a series of questions in order to determine the state of mind our patients are in as well as if they are susceptible to addictive and maladaptive behaviors. This will help our staff determine which therapies will be most effective in treating their condition.

Brain Wellness Evaluation

The brain is the most powerful organ in the body. It controls everything from mental to physical health as well as our cognitive functioning. Our Brain Wellness evaluation examines and identifies brain ailments that might also be contributing factors to addictive behaviors. We are also able to pinpoint certain brain injuries and psychological disturbances that cause emotional and mental imbalances.

Cognitive Testing

Sprout Health Texas has found that many people with cognitive challenges and limitations also have addiction issues. Through cognitive testing, we are able to evaluate how people think and react to situations. We are also able to determine how our patients are able to process information which will help us craft a treatment plan that will work at their comfortable pace.

Cognitive Retraining

Cognitive retraining is characterized by the changing of thinking patterns and processes. This treatment teaches patients how to respond differently to certain situations. This is highly effective for when patients enter the real world again and are faced with the opportunity to use again. We want them to learn how to take control of their own behaviors which will essentially help them take control of their entire lives.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

It is not widely known that genetics play a huge factor in addictive personalities. In fact, many diseases are caused by human gene mutations. Through pharmacogenetic testing, we can gain further insight into our patient’s genes and family, which helps us craft individualized plans that meet their unique needs.

Toxicology Testing

At this point in our assessment, it seems as though there cannot be any more information to get out of our patients, but you would be surprised at how many patients do not provide accurate information about their substance use, which may not be entirely their fault. Sometimes certain substances, unbeknownst to the users, are mixed with others to increase their potency; therefore, when a patient tells us they only take one thing, we might find that it has been mixed with another. It is extremely important for us to diagnose every drug abused in order to provide the correct detoxification process.

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