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Treatment Elements

Sprout Health Texas begins all treatment programs with a thorough assessment of each patient.

Treatment ElementsAssessments are the leading tools Sprout Health Texas uses in order to determine which our various treatment programs will be right for our patients. Our comprehensive analysis of each patient provides our recovery specialists with the information and background necessary to create individualized treatment programs.

Sprout Health Texas begins all treatment programs with a thorough assessment of each patient. They will undergo a series of mental and physical exams in order for our staff to diagnose all conditions. These assessments provide detailed health history, current addiction and its severity as well as underlying conditions. Once the assessment process is complete, our staff will craft a highly individualized treatment plan that is unique to each of our patient’s needs. We will determine which therapies are most effective in treating their addiction as well as where the detoxification process should take place.

In order to customize the treatment programs, the following evaluations must be completed:

  • Medical Evaluation: This evaluation includes collecting health information such as health history as well as which substance is being abused.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation: Our psychiatrists are able to determine the mindset of our patients which is something that medical records do not show. During this evaluation, we are able to diagnose any underlying mental health issues.
  • Brain Wellness Evaluation: The brain is the first organ to become affected by substance abuse and addiction. It controls both mental and physical behaviors as well as cognitive functioning. We evaluate memory, motor movements, balance, feeling, etc. It provides an insight into the mind just as the psychiatric evaluation does.
  • Cognitive Testing: This test allows us to understand our patient’s way of thinking as well as how they face everyday stresses. We use these results to determine how we should approach our treatment programs.
  • Toxicology Testing: We want to know exactly which substances our patients are abusing in order to determine which detoxification process they should go through as well as which therapies will be most effective.
  • Pharmacogenetic Testing: Also known as drug-gene testing, this process allows us to study how the genes affect the body’s response to specific substances and medications. We want our patients to understand why they have addictive personalities and that there are ways to overcome them. This test also allows us to determine which medications will be useful during the detox process.

While these assessments and tests may seem like too much, they are extremely necessary for the treatment process. They help us determine which detox process, therapies and aftercare are most effective in the treatment of addiction. No two people are the same; therefore we must thoroughly assess each patient in order to create a highly individualized treatment plan that suits their unique needs.

One of our most effective therapies, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), helps our patients develop the tools necessary to understand their addiction and to learn coping mechanisms that will help them combat their addictive behaviors.

Sprout Health Texas offers many other therapies that help compliment CBT, such as:

  • Cognitive retraining
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Brain wellness program
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Solution-focused brief therapy
  • Brief strategic family therapy

We have found that patients who do not attend therapy sessions spend time focusing on negative thoughts rather than the positive strides they have made through the detoxification process. We highly recommend the Solution-focused brief therapy in order to learn how to think positively. We also recommend the Brief Strategic Family Therapy which focuses on family interactions. Including family helps create a large support network which is extremely helpful for after patients leave our facility.

Sprout Health Texas also offer experiential therapies, such as yoga, meditation, equine therapy and neurofeedback. Equine therapy is essential for patients to learn how to perform tasks on their own. They will relearn how to take care of themselves which in turn will boost their self-esteem.

All of our treatments are designed to treat and cure addiction as well as prevent certain addictive triggers.

The Importance of the Assessment Process

Our assessment process begins with a questionnaire. Our patients will answer questions regarding their health history and addiction. They will then discuss their treatment history and behavioral patterns with our board-certified therapists and psychologists. Sprout Health Texas encourages open and honest communication and understands the importance of confidentiality. We will never disclose any information without our patient’s consent. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide a comfortable, safe and supportive environment for our patients.

Once the assessments are completed, our skilled rehabilitation clinicians will craft highly individualized treatment programs for our patients. Throughout treatment, our staff will closely monitor our patients in order to assess their progress and adjust their treatment plans accordingly. Sprout Heath Texas wants to ensure each patient’s symptoms are being addressed and that they are receiving the right treatments.

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