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What Is Rehab

Recovery from addiction requires a positive lifestyle change.

Rehabilitation, also known as rehab, is the treatment of any substance abuse or addiction, such as alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription drugs. At rehab facilities, patients should expect a wide variety of treatment programs that involve a detox process and a combination of traditional and holistic therapies.

There are also mental health rehabilitation centers that offer similar programs as those that treat substance abuse and addiction.

Changing Your Life Around

Recovery from addiction requires a positive lifestyle change. Regardless of what patients are recovering from, it is highly recommended to make these changes; such as who they hang out with or where they spend their time. Although it is up to Sprout Health Texas to teach the tools necessary for recovery, it is up to the patient to maintain their sobriety. Their direct environment can significantly impact their recovery. If they hang around the same people or continue their old hobbies, they can easily fall back into addiction. No one can make the decision for them to become sober except for themselves. Their success depends on how much they are willing to change and the amount of effort they put into it.

Sprout Health Texas Treatments

Sprout Health Texas begins each treatment with a thorough assessment of our patients mental and physical health in order to determine their conditions as well as the severity of their addiction. We want to learn as much about the patients as we can in order to create an effective plan that meets their individual needs. All of our programs begin with detoxification and are followed by a combination of traditional and holistic therapies.

What To Expect During Detox

The detoxification (detox) process is the safe removal of toxic substances from the body. This process will either take place in a hospital setting or in our facility; either way, medical professionals will closely monitor each patient to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Patients will experience withdrawal symptoms, which are sometimes unbearable. In this case, we will administer medications to help ease the pain.

Therapeutic Modalities

One of our most effective therapies, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, teaches our patients how to recognize their addictive and maladaptive behaviors. They will learn how to change their behaviors and replace them with positive coping mechanisms.

Other therapies we offer include:

  • Brief Strategic Family Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
  • Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy

We also offer holistic approaches, such as:

  • Art therapy
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Psychodrama
  • Music Therapy

Recognizing Triggers and Negative Behaviors

During therapy, our staff will work closely with patients to learn their behaviors, quirks and what their triggers for addiction may be. Once the triggers are recognized, it will be easier to manage them with positive coping mechanisms.

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