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We craft our programs around our patients in order for them to receive effective treatment.

Columbia University studies show that at least 40 million Americans from the age of 12 and over are substance abusers and addicts. This number heavily outweighs the amount of people who suffer from diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

In 2010, more people died from substance abuse than the combined deaths of vehicle accidents, suicides and murders. In fact, deaths from opioids and heroin are the fastest growing problem in the country.

The Effects of Stress

Because of technology, people are moving at an extremely fast pace. Everything is available at the touch of a button or the swipe of a finger. Because of the fast pace of life, more and more people are constantly on the move and have little time to slow down or relax, which causes a huge amount of stress. When people are under stress, they tend to self-medicate which leads to substance addiction if not managed or treated.

What Our Inpatient Rehab Center Offers

Because of the social stigma of rehabilitation centers, most people do not want to receive help from treatment centers. At Sprout Health Texas, we understand that rehab may not fit into individuals’ lifestyles; however, we craft our programs around our patients in order for them to receive effective treatment in a timely manner. We provide thorough assessments to determine the correct diagnosis and determine any underlying issues. We also encourage family involvement in group therapy sessions in order to repair any damaged relationships. This will give families the opportunity to learn how to be supportive during the treatment as well as the years after. Recovery is an ongoing process and it is important to have a good support system outside of the treatment facility.

Detoxification and Withdrawal Symptoms

During the detoxification process, patients will experience withdrawal symptoms that are extremely uncomfortable and hard to endure. Sprout Health Texas will be with you every step of the way. We will closely monitor your symptoms and administer medication accordingly. Our goal is to help you through each process. We will teach you the tools necessary to identify and change negative behaviors and thought patterns as well as learn how to cope with stress without the use of alcohol or illicit drugs.

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