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Rehab Treatment for Women

Sprout Health Texas does not offer gender-based rehabilitation programs; however, we do understand the differences between women and men.

rehab treatment for womenMillions of women suffer from substance abuse; however, only a select few receive treatment. In fact, 18 percent die each year from substance abuse related issues. Sprout Health Texas understands the anxiety and apprehension women face before attending a rehabilitation facility, but we assure all our patients that we will be with them every step of the way and will do whatever it takes to ease their stress.

Medical experts believe that estrogen levels, weight, body fat and metabolic rate play a part in substance abuse. Women absorb alcohol and drugs slower, causing high levels in their bloodstream and dangerous outcomes if used for a long amount of time.

Addiction and Society

For some odd reason, women are supposed to remain at home to take care of everything while her husband is away at work. For women who want to begin a career, the stress and anxiety of being at home day after day may cause them to self-medicate in order to numb their pain.

Some women feel irresponsible and negligent toward their family if they leave to seek treatment; however, Sprout Health Texas feels that it is irresponsible to not receive treatment. After treatment, women will be able to live a life of happiness without the use of substances.

Different Therapeutic Modalities to Suit Women’s Needs

Sprout Health Texas does not offer gender-based rehabilitation programs; however, we do understand the differences between the two; therefore, we provide highly individualized plans to effectively treat each of our patients. Our expertly trained staff of rehab clinicians and board-certified doctors, therapists and psychologists assess each patient to diagnose their conditions in order to craft programs that revolve around our patient’s unique needs.

Our facility is safe, comfortable and tranquil in order to provide the best environment for a successful recovery.

How We Can Help

We offer a wide variety of therapies to cater to our patient’s individual needs. We believe that by combining experiential with traditional therapies, we can significantly increase the chance for a long lasting recovery. All of our therapies teach patients how to acknowledge their maladaptive and addictive behaviors as well as how to positively react to certain situations. We want our patients to learn coping mechanisms during treatment that they can utilize once they leave our facility.

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