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Rehab Treatment for Men

Studies show that men metabolize drugs and alcohol differently than women.

Men and women are affected by substance abuse and should receive treatment at a facility that recognizes there are differences in the way their programs should be designed. Sprout Health Texas understands the physical differences and can provide the best possible treatments for addiction.

Men are considered the financial caretakers of the family; therefore, there is a lot of pressure on them to work hard and make money, which causes extreme stress. In most cases, instead of going to a doctor to figure out what is going on, men tend to self-medicate.

Rehab treatment for menMen are known to be tough, do not show their emotions and always fix things on their own, even if it is not the right way to do it. Most times, men do not know how to deal with their emotions and usually resort to using drugs or alcohol to hide their feelings. Because they internalize their emotions, they tend to become violent and aggressive, which causes situations to become much worse when paired with substance abuse.

Another negative effect of substance abuse among men is their competitive side. Most times, abuse can begin as just an innocent night out with the boys.

Studies show that men metabolize drugs and alcohol differently than women. Men need more levels of each substance in order to feel their effects due to their lower estrogen levels, greater body mass and less fatty tissue.

Treating Men At Sprout Health Texas

Although we recognize the physical differences between men and women, Sprout Health Texas does not offer gender-based treatments. We take every aspect and situation into consideration in order to provide the best possible treatment plan for our patient’s unique needs.

We understand that men tend to internalize their emotions; therefore, we assign highly skilled therapists to work more in-depth with each male patient. We want to provide whatever assistance our patients need in order to ensure a successful recovery.

The Effectiveness of Group Therapy

One therapy we highly recommend is our group therapy sessions. We encourage patients to share their experiences and offer support to other patients who are suffering through the same situation they are. This is a difficult process to endure but having a support system can greatly improve recovery.

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