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PHP Treatment Center

Depending on the severity of the addiction, Sprout Health Texas offers a program that allows patients the freedom to live their lives while still receiving professional care.

PHP Treatment CenterPatients are required to attend six-hour sessions five days a week. This type of program expects patients to supervise their own sobriety while outside of treatment. It takes a lot of willpower to attend a treatment like this; however, results have shown that it is possible to achieve sobriety through this program.

In order to participate in this program, patients must undergo a series of assessments that allow our rehabilitation clinicians to determine proper diagnosis and develop a program effective for a successful recovery. Our programs involve a combination of therapies that teach patients how to correct their maladaptive behaviors.

Building A Network of Support

One of the therapies we provide is group therapy where patients will meet with other recovering patients to share their experiences. These groups provide support, advice and understanding.

How to Know if Outpatient Drug Detox is Right For You

There is a general rule in order to qualify for this treatment: if you can manage not just your addiction but your abuse of substances as well, you may be a candidate. If your treatment does not require 24-hour monitoring and you have shown tremendous growth in your previous treatments, this may be the next step in your recovery process.

Trust Yourself As Much As We Trust You

We pride ourselves on our ability to form trusting relationships with our patients. We encourage open and honest communication and build trusting relationships with our patients because we hold them accountable for their own recovery. We are here to help them along their rehabilitation but in the end, but it is up to them to use the tools we teach to lead a healthy and sober life.

During the partial hospitalization program, patients are allowed to go home. We trust that they will use our tools and they trust that we will offer them support groups for when they feel they need a boost. It takes a lot of commitment from our patients as well as our staff to ensure a long lasting recovery. We are willing to put in as much work as you do and will remain committed to you as long as you are committed to your sobriety.

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