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Prescription Drugs Rehab Center

Sprout Health Texas begins every treatment with a detoxification process.

Prescription Drugs Rehab CenterPrescription medications are prescribed to treat mental issues as well as chronic pain. They are highly addictive and if used improperly can lead to addiction, overdose and death. In fact, prescription drug overdose deaths are higher than deaths related to drugs like meth or heroine.

About 7 million Americans take prescription medications recreationally or in a way that is not prescribed by their doctors. Almost half a million individuals are hospitalized for problems related to prescription abuse. Recent studies show that every 19 minutes, someone dies from an unintentional drug overdose.

Almost 34,000 deaths have been reported each year as a result of misusing prescription drugs, which is far greater than the number of deaths from car accidents. There are several other risks a user should consider:

  • Becoming infected with blood-borne illnesses
  • Problems with the heart
  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Seeing and hearing things that are not present
  • Heightened HIV risk
  • Seizures
How To Know When Someone is Addicted

Symptoms of prescription drug abuse vary depending on the drug; however, most cause drowsiness, slurred speech, agitation, constipation, nausea and reduced appetite.

Sprout Health Texas Offers A Substance Abuse Rehab Center

Sprout Health Texas begins every treatment with a detoxification process. Patients will safely remove all toxins from the body, either in a hospital setting or at our facility. During this time, all patients will experience withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the severity of their addiction, we will provide certain medications to help ease the pain from the withdrawals.

After, or in some cases during, the detoxification process, patients will begin their treatment program by attending therapy sessions.

We offer a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. One of our most effective therapies is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps patients identify their problems and learn tools to create a solution. They develop positive thinking skills as well as gain a greater sense of self-esteem. Another therapy we believe is effective is family therapy. We want to include your family in order to gain further insight into your health history as well as your home life. We will be able to better understand you and therefore, adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Another reason we strongly recommend including your family in this process is we want to educate your family on addiction and how to support you through the difficult process of detox and recovery.

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