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Outpatient Drug Detox

Sprout Health Texas recommends an intensive outpatient program.

Detoxification is not all about juice cleanses and diets like mainstream media make it out to be. When detoxing from substance abuse, it requires a lot more than a healthier diet and some juice. No one should attempt to detox on their own or try to quit their substance cold turkey. Quitting cold turkey causes your body to go into shock and can potentially shut your entire body down. Detoxing is a difficult process that should be done under the close monitoring of medical professionals.

Sprout Health Texas’ detox process begins with a cleansing of the toxins from the gastrointestinal system and is followed by a complete overhaul of the brain’s chemistry. Studies show that substance use has a direct effect on the chemical release in our brain. It modifies how our brain releases the pleasure chemical, Dopamine, which lets our body know that we are experiencing something pleasurable. The prolonged use of a substance will eventually stop the natural release of dopamine causing users to increase their use as well as their frequency. At a certain point, users will no longer feel any effects but continually use because they feel they cannot function without it.

Addiction occurs when a user becomes tolerant and dependent on the substance, which occurs after they begin to use more frequently and in larger amounts. Depending on the severity of their addiction, the process of detoxification and its withdrawal symptoms will vary.

For patients who experience non-life threatening withdrawal symptoms, Sprout Health Texas recommends an intensive outpatient program. This program allows the patient to begin treatment while undergoing the detox process. If their withdrawal symptoms become too hard to bear, we can administer certain medications to help ease the pain. Through this process, we provide mental and physical support as well as nutritional and physiological counseling.

The outpatient program is only advised for patients who are moderate abusers who have not yet become addicts because these patients are allowed to return home after each session. In order to participate in this program, our patients must show that they can manage their cravings and avoid their triggers on their own because they will be away from the treatment facility most of the time. The therapies we provide should prepare our patients to live a healthy life.

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