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Drug Addiction Education

Sprout Health Texas properly educates individuals on the dangers of drug abuse and addiction.

Drug addiction educationIt is important for Sprout Health Texas to educate patients as well as their loved ones on the difference between drug abuse and drug addiction. Yes, there is a difference and yes, they are treated differently.

Abuse is the over-consumption of a substance, while addiction is the need, both mentally and physically, to use the substance. Our addiction treatment focuses on teaching our patients new techniques through the use of therapies, such as meditation, behavioral therapy and experiential therapies. Studies show that addiction is a mental condition that can be treated and should be treated in order to help individuals to live a normal life.

Our Brain Wellness Program is designed to safely and effectively help patients regain control of their cognitive functioning. We also offer a more scientific approach with neurofeedback, which is the study of brainwaves in order to physically see behavioral patterns. If we can see how patients are thinking and behaving, we can help retrain their brain to react more positively in certain situations.

We also offer group and family therapies in order to create a support network for our patients as well as repair any damaged relationships. We cannot stress enough the importance of family and loved ones during and after the treatment process. Not only is it important for our patients to have a large support network, but we are able to teach their families about the signs and symptoms of addiction as well as how to support their loved ones through the difficult process of detox and recovery.

Every addiction program begins with the detoxification process, which depending on the severity of the addiction may be monitored either in a hospital setting or at our facility. If the addiction is mild, we recommend patients enrolling in our inpatient program; however, if the addiction is paired with an underlying medical condition, we recommend the partial hospitalization program. We also offer an outpatient program for those who abuse but have not reached the addictive level.

Sprout Health Texas works with each patient to properly diagnose their addiction and provide the best treatment plan in order to ensure a long-lasting recovery. We will discuss each possible program, introduce our staff, give a tour of our facility and provide any additional information necessary. We encourage open and honest communication and want you to know that we have your best interests at heart.

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