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Addiction causes a deterioration in health, job loss, damaged relationships and legal troubles.

There are over 20 million Americans who suffer from substance abuse and addiction. Addiction causes a deterioration in health, job loss, damaged relationships and legal troubles. If not treated it can also lead to overdose or death. Unfortunately, because of social stigma, most addicts do not seek help and their problems continue or increasingly get worse. There are, however, a number of addicts who do seek treatment and because of them, there has been a significant increase in the substance rehabilitation facilities.

DrugsWhen choosing a rehab facility, it is important to seek one that offers multiple programs including both traditional and holistic therapies, as well as an extensive detoxification process. Sprout Health Texas offers a wide variety of therapeutic modalities that are both evidence-based and experienced-based. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge to diagnose all conditions including underlying conditions that even our patients did not know existed. We provide insight into addiction and how to combat it. We offer our patients a safe, tranquil and comfortable environment to experience their treatment in. We provide the highest quality of service and only have one goal in mind: for our patients to achieve a successful and long lasting recovery.

Our treatment programs begin with extensive assessments in order to diagnose our patient’s conditions as well as how severe their addictions are. We want to ensure a proper treatment plan as well as the best detox process available to meet our patient’s individual and unique needs. Board-certified therapists and psychologists will administer thorough mental evaluations in order to better understand our patient’s thought patterns and behavioral functions. The physical assessments help us determine the severity of the addiction as well as which type of detox process our patients will be able to endure. While our assessment tests seem overwhelming and extensive, we want to be able to understand as much about our patients as we can in order to provide the best possible treatment program that meets their needs.

We believe that by providing our patients with all these tools and newly learned behaviors, we are increasing their chances at a long lasting recovery. We want them to be successful on their own after they leave our facility.

The first step in our programs is the detoxification process, in which, under the supervision of medical professionals, our patients will safely remove the substances from their system. During this process, patients will experience symptoms of withdrawal and depending on the severity of their addiction, these symptoms may or may not be unbearable. Sprout Health Texas staff are capable of administering medications to help ease these symptoms in order to make our patients more comfortable. We will also administer nutritional support as well as monitor mental well-being during the process to ensure our patients are as comfortable and healthy as possible.

After the detox process, we will begin the treatment program. Our programs involve a combination of traditional and holistic therapies. We found that by combining different therapies, the chance for a successful recovery is significantly increased. Part of Sprout Health Texas’ rehabilitation program involves educating our patients on how to live a healthier lifestyle. We utilize the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in order to teach patients how to understand their emotions and behaviors. It allows our patients to dig deeper into their minds in order to determine underlying disorders as well as identify what triggers cause their addictive behaviors.

With patient’s consent, we include family and loved ones in group therapy sessions. With family involvement, we can gain a greater insight into the patient’s history, such as health and drug abuse history as well as what their home and family life is like. We also teach the family helpful tools necessary to support their loved one through the difficult process of rehabilitation and recovery.

The brain and mental health are the focal points of treatment. Sprout Health Texas offers an intensive Brain Wellness Program that focuses on retraining patients to use their minds to their full potential without the effects of substances. We combine Neuroethology and meditation in order for patients to learn how to live a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Our patients will learn that there are certain triggers that cause their substance abuse. Through cognitive therapies, patients will learn that certain actions cause a reaction in their brains. Their behaviors will immediately cause their minds to react and we teach the tools to change such behaviors. Intensive therapy allows each patient to decipher their thoughts in a positive and logical way. Solution Focused Therapy teaches patients constructive coping techniques that focus on managing stress and stressful situations that may lead to relapse.

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