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Sprout Health Texas offers treatment programs that are designed to include family during the recovery process.

Those who suffer from addiction are not just the addicts themselves. Their home, work and social lives are almost, if not completely, destroyed. They lose their jobs and friends and damage loving relationships with family.

We believe that including family is an effective step in our treatment programs because it not only provides further insight into our patient’s health history and home life, but they teach the family the signs and symptoms of addiction as well as how to support a loved one during this difficult time.

We believe that by educating those who suffer as a result of their addicted loved one, they will reach out to others and offer them advice and guidance.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is characterized by a pattern of behavior that is an unusual or out-of-the-ordinary consumption of a particular substance. For example, a person may take Xanax to treat their anxiety; however, when they take one every hour, that is considered abuse. Abuse occurs when people use more than they should or more than what is socially accepted.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between abuse and addiction; regardless both should be treated at a reputable facility, such as Sprout Health Texas. We provide a variety of treatments that can help prevent abusive and addictive behaviors.


Sprout Health Texas is one of the best rehabilitation facilities that can provide the most effective treatment programs for those who are suffering from addiction. Our programs begin with an extensive and thorough assessment of each patient. They will undergo mental and physical examinations in order for our highly skilled staff to diagnose all of their conditions. If we find that patients have co-occurring conditions, we have the knowledge to treat dual diagnosis. We basically have the knowledge to treat any and every condition out there because of our highly individualized treatment programs.

We offer a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, including traditional and holistic approaches. One of our most effective therapies, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches our patients coping mechanisms and allows them to acknowledge their addictive and maladaptive behaviors. We also provide group and family therapies.

As mentioned before, including the family is essential for the recovery process. We can teach family members how to support their loved one through such a difficult time. They can also learn the signs and symptoms of addiction in order to help others or keep their loved one on track during the long process of recovery.

Mental Health Issues

Studies show that there is a direct correlation between mental health issues and addiction. Many people believe that mental health issues actually cause addictive behaviors. In this case, it is very important to diagnose any underlying mental health conditions in order to treat that issue as well as an addiction. If addicts, who do not know that they have an underlying mental health issue, do not seek treatment, they will most likely remain addicts and are putting themselves at risk of overdose and death.

After our assessments, our board-certified therapists and psychologists can determine whether or not patients have co-occurring conditions. This process is called dual diagnosis and is an important tool in helping determine which treatment programs are right for our patients. For patients who have co-occurring conditions, we recommend the Brain Wellness Program as well as neurofeedback. Both therapies work toward changing our patient’s brain functions. We teach coping mechanisms and how to acknowledge addictive and maladaptive behaviors.

Once again, it is extremely important to include family in the therapy process in order for us to gain further insight into our patient’s health history and family life. We will adjust our treatment programs accordingly and make sure that each patient is receiving the right care.

Continuing Care and Follow-up

At Sprout Health Texas, we believe that a successful recovery does not end when our treatments are complete. It takes a lot of willpower and strength to continue sobriety outside of our treatment facility. We highly recommend attending support groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, in order to have a large network of people who understand your struggles. Support groups offer guidance, advice, comfort and obviously, support. If you ever feel lonely or like you want to give in to your addictive behaviors, you can always reach out for help at one of the aforementioned support groups. They do not offer treatment but they offer a shoulder to lean on. They, like family, will keep you on track to remain sober and live a healthy life.

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