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Why Drug Detox Centers are Better than Jail

October 25, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Choosing health over hell

JailSubstance addiction is a rampant epidemic that shows no signs of slowing, and opioid addiction has become the worst of them all, causing harm to mental and physical health, as well as an increased risk of overdose or even jail time. Opioid addiction can and should be treated before it becomes too late. Although most addicts are afraid to seek treatment because of the withdrawal symptoms they may face, drug detox centers are a lot better than jail. Patients are free to come and go as they please, as long as their treatments are progressing; in jail, inmates have no freedom and no one to care for them as they detox alone in their jail cell.

Whether someone is high on opioids in public or found with opioids on them, the chance of being thrown into jail is significantly increased. In fact, if someone is found in the possession of opioids, they will be sentenced to one year in prison and fined $1,000. If someone is found high on opioids in public, they will be charged with public intoxication and face jail time. While in jail, they will no longer have access to their drug and begin to detox.

One inmate recalls the experience of detoxing from opioids in prison, saying, “As I dragged my bedding into the unit, the deputy handed me a plastic bag. I was told to puke in it. By the second day, I was hallucinating. By the third day, I prayed for death […]”.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction is not to be taken lightly; not only can it lead to horrible withdrawal symptoms, but it can also lead to isolation, depression, suicidal thoughts, overdose and death. Because opioid addiction is becoming one of the worst of all substances, drug detox centers and organizations in Texas are working to help those who are suffering in order to prevent jail time and all the other negative effects associated with the addiction.

Over the years, Texas has seen a rise in opioid addiction; in fact, the Texas Overdose Naloxone Initiative was created in order to help decrease the epidemic. The organization has been praised for their distribution of naloxone and other educational pamphlets to counties in Texas where opioid abuse reigns supreme. While the organization makes significant changes in local communities, pamphlets and medication are just the beginning of how to properly treat opioid addiction.

Finding the Right Detox Centers

Drug detox centers in Texas provide the most effective treatments for opioid addiction. The programs are evidence based and scientifically proven to cleanse the mind and body in order for patients to live a healthy life free from the dependence of stimuli. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, addictive behaviors can be controlled through a medically supervised detox followed by a series of therapeutic modalities.

The drug detox programs begin with a thorough assessment of the physical health of patients. A doctor will look for any wounds that should be treated before undergoing the rest of the detox program. They will also determine, through toxicology testing, exactly which drugs the patients may be suffering from and provide them with the best detox process for their symptoms. Depending on which substances the medical professionals find, patients will have three different drug detox programs to choose from:

  • Drug and Alcohol Detox: Depending on the severity of the addiction, drug and alcohol detox will last anywhere from 5-7 days to a couple of weeks. During this process, medical professionals will safely remove all toxic substances from the body. Patients will experience symptoms of withdrawal which are uncomfortable and most times unbearable. Withdrawal symptoms will include irritability, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, mood swings, excessive sweating, changes in appetite, nausea, chills, muscle aches, seizures, heart attacks, tremors, difficulty breathing, hallucinations, paranoia, depression and suicidal thoughts. Medical professionals are equipped to administer medicinal and nutritional support in order to help ease the symptoms.
  • Sub-acute Detox: This detox can be completed with or without medicinal or nutritional support. It is recommended for those with less severe addiction because it is a less extensive process. This is the most natural way to detox.
  • Rapid Detox: The rapid detox takes place while the patient is under a general anesthesia. Medical professionals administer reverse effect drugs intravenously to the patient in order to quickly remove the substance from the body. This is recommended for patients who are suffering from a severe addiction.

Drug detox programs are designed to cleanse the body of all toxic substances. They teach patients how to recognize their addictive behaviors in order replace them with positive coping mechanisms. Texas drug detox centers help patients regain control of their lives in order to live a long-lasting and healthy life free from the dependence of stimuli.

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