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It is widely known that substance abuse and addiction leads to legal troubles if not treated.

Court SevicesThose who suffer from addiction will do whatever means necessary to get their fix, regardless of the consequences. The most hypocritical thing about that statement is that most addicts are afraid to admit their addiction to medical professionals because they are afraid of the legal ramifications. When it comes to using, they do not mind stealing, having unprotected sex or even killing for their fix; however, they do not want to admit to their addiction because they do not want their doctors to tattle on them.

When they do get caught, which is more likely due to their own mistakes rather than their doctor notifying police, they may have to undergo rehabilitation as part of their court-ordered judgment.

Why Addiction Treatment is Mandatory

If individuals face misdemeanor or felony charges and has a substance addiction or been diagnosed with a mental illness, it is in their best interest to attend an addiction or psychological treatment while they are waiting for their trial or sentencing. Most people who are accused of crimes associated with drugs or alcohol are required by the court to receive therapy or treatment as part of their punishment. Not only will treatment benefit individual’s health, but it may reduce the severity of their punishment.

Those individuals who are facing criminal charges should pursue professional help along with their court-ordered punishment. Jail time might not be enough to help stop the irrational and risky behaviors, especially for those who continually exhibit risky behaviors which lead to long-term legal troubles. Whether it be low-level crimes or those that result in damage to property or loss of life, these individuals are headed toward a downward spiral that may lead to substance abuse, anxiety or mental illness.

Sprout Health Texas recommends consulting with a defense attorney in order to determine what steps are necessary or beneficial to help solve whatever problem they may have.

Sprout Health Texas Mitigates Court Paperwork

Sprout Health Texas provides the necessary paperwork, documentation or assessments for those who have legal issues to address that are required by the court. We adhere to all standards and practices set in place by the United States Judicial System. We provide our clients with the necessary treatments while complying with all legal requirements as well as administer mandatory psychiatric mental health assessments, drug testing and client progress notes that are also required by the court. Our evidence-based treatments for mental illness and substance addiction are catered to each individual’s unique needs.

We strive to provide the best possible solutions for your troubles and are dedicated to you and your sobriety.

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