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Our employees are just like family.

As a family of specialized treatment facilities that is experiencing rapid expansion, we are always looking for professional, friendly people who can help us heal our communities of substance abuse and drug addiction. We do not think you will find better facilities that offer such thorough assessments, addiction treatments, diagnosis, treatment for mental disorders, or solutions for behavior disorders.

We also think you will be impressed with our qualified team of clinicians. If you have a passion for helping others recover from their addictions and providing support functions, you fit the initial description of people we would like to meet. We invite you to call or contact us today regarding employment opportunities.

Our Employees Are Our Associates

Our employees are also like family. Each employee is vital to our success and that of our clients. We make sure they have all the tools they need to provide comprehensive and effective treatments solutions.

  • Our Finance Team – Our finance team does an amazing job of helping reduce company costs across the board. They handle audits, internal and external, conduct wire transfers, initiate stop-payments, and facilitate close relationships with our financial partners.
  • Our Counselors – Our counselors do an excellent job of diagnosing, evaluating, and treating a wide range of conditions. Without their expertise, it would be impossible to determine effective patient treatment methods.
  • Our Media and Marketing Team – Media team members handle all external communications along with internal communications that include pamphlets, memos, invitations, marketing, coordinating events, providing media coverage, and more.
  • Housekeeping – These are the professionals who keep our facilities looking clean and sharp. They are a friendly group of people whose mission is to maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout each facility by mopping, sweeping, changing bed sheets, handling trash, and ensuring that walkways are free of any obstructions.
  • LVNs – Licensed vocational nurses help to provide exemplary patient care. They are true professionals who help promote a safe, and calm environment where patients can heal. They also help ensure that patients are following their doctor’s instructions to the letter. Nurses provide a practical and effective solution for helping educate patients about their condition. They offer amazing support in helping our clients through detox.

Browse our employment openings and click to apply to any available positions.

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